"Cutting the Setup Time"

There is nothing that brings us more joy than to hear about another happy customer but when that customer happens to be the folks at NBC Universal we can't help but to feel a sense of pride in craftsmanship. Recently we were contacted for a sale of 3 sets of dolly wheels to be used for studio light movement in New York. The customer had heard about us from another recent satisfied customer and he was very interested in weight capabilities, other wheel uses and rail diameter recommendations. After going over some of our common camera dolly truck sizes and capabilities he decided on our standard camera dolly wheels. Perfect! What a great way to start a work week. It wasn't until I took down th

"Cannot Format Change Card" 5d mkii error

We have received many messages requesting repair pricing; it shows that I am not alone in finding the dreaded "Cannot Format Change Card" error on my Canon 5d mkii's display. Now, before you throw out your Canon, I would suggest two things: first try to format your card using your CF reader or directly on your computer, if available. If the card formats with no problem you might have a bent pin on your camera's CF reader. Take a flash light and look in the CF slot and check to see if any little pins are bent. Generally, you would find them towards the center of the pin grid, laying flat or slightly bent, if you're lucky - we found one missing on ours. These pins become damaged for numerous

Camera Jib Crane Information / Weight Reduction 101

During the pre-production of our feature Desert Wasteland, we created an ambitious shot list and were faced with a limited budget. With prop construction, and machining background, I took to designing and building all of our equipment as the shot list called for it. Just to list a few, we started with a shoulder rig, fig rig, heavy duty platform dolly, suction cup camera car mount, but the one piece of equipment we didn't want to do without, was the 21' jib crane. There are many thing to consider when building a jib crane from the ground up, and many variables need to be taken into consideration. I suggest you build your crane in accordance to how much money you have to invest on material an

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