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"Cutting the Setup Time"

There is nothing that brings us more joy than to hear about another happy customer but when that customer happens to be the folks at NBC Universal we can't help but to feel a sense of pride in craftsmanship.

Recently we were contacted for a sale of 3 sets of dolly wheels to be used for studio light movement in New York. The customer had heard about us from another recent satisfied customer and he was very interested in weight capabilities, other wheel uses and rail diameter recommendations. After going over some of our common camera dolly truck sizes and capabilities he decided on our standard camera dolly wheels. Perfect! What a great way to start a work week.

It wasn't until I took down the customers information that it had finally clicked. Wait, what? These 3 sets of dolly wheels will be assisting on a nationwide television show called LATE NIGHT with SETH MEYERS on NBC. At that very moment I realize that our equipment we build will be involved in the creative aspect of a show. Our camera dolly wheels will be making work more efficient and safe for a crew 2,000 miles away. We shipped out 3 sets immediately.

After we shipped the camera dolly wheels I became an avid watcher of LATE NIGHT with SETH MEYERS wishing that I'd get a glance of the wheels in action.Weeks went by with no such luck.

With our shipment of camera dolly wheels our customers receive a coupon to give a friend or it can be used for their next purchase. There's also some literature such as directions, instructions or a manual depending on the camera dolly wheels you order. Most importantly and our favorite part, there is a link to our facebook where customers can post photographs of completed projects or the option to email them.

The photographs emailed by NBC Universal demonstrate a great way to move lights in a studio environment effortlessly and safe. As the folks in NBC put it, "They work great, and they cut our time setting up for musical guests on Late Night with Seth Meyers, by half."

One of the single most important things about selling a product is customer satisfaction. We are always happy to hear

back from our customers and every completed build is important to us big or small.

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