NEW  Camera Hogs LARGE 24"x36" Wood Cucoloris Cookie Pattern Shadow Maker


What you are purchasing is a NEW Large 24"x36" Wood Cucoloris  excellent for filmmaking or photography.


What is a cucoloris used for? This wooden lighting grate, which also goes by such names as cookie, gobo, and dapple sheet, is used in photography and videography to cast  dramatic shadows on plain walls. It may also be used to cast shadows on a subject to simulate lighting situations. This cucoloris is constructed out of wood and coated with polyurethane finish. Heavy duty steel handle.


Large 24" x 36" Cucoloris Cookie Pattern

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    *ANY Camera, Crane, Completed Dolly, Tripod head, Curved Track, Time Lapsing Equipment, Light Stands, 100mm/75mm Adapters not part of this auction for display and compatibility references only. Curved track, 100mm/ 75mm tripod head adapters, time lapsing, motor driven accessories may be purchase separately. Please contact us for custom orders.



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